by Jakub Jacek

by Jakub Jacek

My name is Jakub Jacek

and I am an entrepreneur

Because I like to organize what I do, I have prepared this page as a list of the most important projects I have been involved in recently.

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Consultations regarding internet marketing, performance marketing, marketing funnels, and creating effective sales pages.

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Every week I write about the most important changes and news in the world of social media marketing. No spam, no fluff. Just the meat!

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Marketing agency specializing and focused on performance marketing.

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A collection of best practices, free marketing materials, and online courses for everyone.

Professional audio production: live recordings, studio recordings, mixing, mastering, sound engineering.

Duck Jack Productions

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Full-frame and mobile photography: portraits, nature, reportage, photoshoots, architecture, backstage, advertising, events and concerts, special occasions.

Foty Beznazwiska

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Chrome extention, iOS App and OS X App, that saves all open browser tabs to a *.txt file.

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New generation of online business cards supported by NFC technology.

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Website in progress

Irregular podcast of two friends telling uncensored stories about life in today's world.

Ich Płodne Rozmowy

Podcast suspended

A series of educational materials about securing private accounts on social media and a store with U2F keys.

Bezpieczeństwo w SM

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Automated project sheet indicating the time of day for time-based meetings.

Day Tracker

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